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New Berlin Center News and more
News and more about NBC.
1.First and fouth grade sping concert click link to see songs. NBC
2.Kaleidoscope day was vary fun like the Ronald Mcdonald show and the yoyo assembly.
3.The fourth grade field trip to Madison was real fun I hope I go next year.
5.Decorating eggs in room 35 was fun I made one for my mom, daddy, my brother and me.
6.The yoyo assembly is selling yoyo's.  (yoyo's listed below) (no more yoyo's are being sold any more)
                                1.Butterfly Style  $5.00
                                2.Turbo Tread Tire  $7.00
                                3.Triple Play  $10.00
                                4.Ball Bearing  $15.00

9.The pizza tasted good at the pizza party.
10.The first day of school is tommarrow!
11.It was Paul's Birthday!