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Nick's Journal
Nick Journal page 1
                        October 28 2001
Today when Monika and me went to Speech we celebrated Monika's birthday by playing with the Marbles, Playing Memory Match and  we
got to have soda I had Sprite Monika had Coke. After Speech was
done we got to pick out a prize I picked out Pokemon Trading cards,
Monika picked out a glasses strap. It was fun I hope we do it again some day.
Nick's Journal Page 2
                                   December 5 2001
For ST. Nick I got a Game Pad (just like a video game comtroller) for the Computer and I played some games with it. I wanted a Joystick or a Game Pad because some games have Multiplayer so you have to use the Keyboard and it's especially hard if you don't know the keys to use when you are playing. Kevin got a Sharp VCR for ST. Nick because our old VCR (Philipps Magnavox) is broken. My Daddy tried to fix it but it was still broken, so he threw it away.